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Nutida Musik, March 2015

"Ivo Nilsson’s Rapidità, inspired by the writings of Italo Calvino, was the latest of BCMG’s Sound Investment commissioned premieres. Exploring air – as breathed by the performers and as the spatial element within which music is created – the work was intriguing for being gradually conjured out of air, then growing into a denser coalescence of sound before fading back into nothing. As an exercise in acutely focused listening, this first performance was a striking opener."

The Guardian, February 2015

"Pedal by Ivo Nilsson is an interesting and very intelligent written piece. --- A meditative piece, with tense atmosphere and with many colours. Maby a bit provocative and abstract, but an extremely good piece of craftmanship."

Smålandsposten, September 1999


"An exciting and amusing piece is Ivo Nilsson's Totentanz. With harmony focused around the tritonus and a swaying rhytm I get a feeling of being in the middle of a scenery by Fassbinger."

Svenska Dagbladet, May 1999


"It is very difficult to write about a concert which you find great… --- [the performance of Rotorelief] …was one of the the few really big kicks only composed music may give."

Tritonus, January 2001


"A high point was the premiere of Agnosi by Ivo Nilsson… --- Ivo's piece sets out to discover wheter, in a world of over-stimulation, one can hear or express anything with any depth or force. --- This was achieved with a humorous but sympathetic sequence of dud notes and sounds from the various instruments which then begin progressively to recover their expressive power and end up demonstrating a range of harmonised feelings."

Ulster News Letter, April 1991